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Pigeon John – Dragon Slayer (The Awesome)

Pigeon John - Dragon Slayer (The Awesome)

Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop, Miscellaneous

Released: 7 March

It's been a while since I saw "Pigeon John" flying everywhere. Finally, the album is approaching for the next month, so it's an opportunity to write a few lines. It is fortunate, several pieces are already available on the web, including video.

activist for a good fifteen years, the Californian MC has done a great promo before the release of the album. Easy, by paying the services of Franco-American Hervé Salters aka General Elektrik, who co-produced the album. So obviously nothing to do with a big hip-hop to the U.S., no big bass lines or maddening beats. It will include more flashy synths, acoustic guitars and other instruments not bad for a while but really refreshing swing.

course opened significantly on the general public, Pigeon John is paying the luxury of a large volume visibility even before the release of the album. No wonder, even my mother could head movement. The album seems to be a kind of hybrid music, ignoring boundaries. This warm blend of pop and hip-hop is appealing, and finally for the moment anyway. Even

texts are gratifying. We walk in the stories of the MC on the hassles of daily life, smile, since the tone is quite humorous from what I heard. The formula is perfect for radio. "The Bomb" is the best illustration. Pigeon John is simply a kind of classy crooner dipped in a sauce lightly sprinkled with hip-hop.

The general tenor of the album however seems quite sparse. While the majority of titles that I listened to are energetic, "Davey Rockit" contrasts with the genre. MC sings sweetly, before switching into a hip-hop simple and efficient, which is frankly pleased.

It is too early to make a final opinion. Even if it seems to be a success almost assured.


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